World Tourism Expo World Heritage cities and sites Assisi - 20 / 21 / 22 September 2013

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world heritge tourism expo World Tourism Expo
World Heritage cities and sites

Assisi - 20 / 21 / 22 September 2013
Teatro Lyrick - Pala Eventi


In order to give the huge natural and cultural heritage the possibility to well express its big potentialities we have to face the challenge and make the Unesco sites real and active leading actors of this project aimed to exploit the Heritage, an exhibition will be organized within the project itself.

It will be aimed to celebrate the peculiarities of the Unesco sites giving the exhibitors concrete opportunities to get and keep in touch with the main worldwide tour operators, as no other world event has ever done before.
In a touristic market with last minute offers coming from every single country in the world, we lack of a real promotion of the cultural and environmental heritage well conformed to the Unesco sites level.

The exhibition is aimed to be a window to communicate and present in a convenient way its beauties, to create touristic circuits integrating the classic ones and supporting the presence in the towns and in the Unesco sites heritage.
The aim of this project is to “create a system” realizing a winning tourist circuit which will be able to involve a larger amount of International tour operators that get tourists come to these locations in a responsible way.
The small centers can compete for the high quality standard of their own services and for the uniqueness of the touristic product presented.





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