Two neighbouring cities are represented by two unforgettable figures: the pilot Tazio Nuvolari, also known as “The Flying Mantuan”, and Ferrari, the world’s most renowned sports car brand. The turtle and the rearing horse, symbolising the two myths, will also be the symbols of this unreleased itinerary, exploring both slowness and speed, and focussing on two great elements of the Italian culture: races and food. This itinerary will showcase the toughest motor car races, from the beginning of the 20th century to our days, as well as the local culinary cuisine, featuring products obtained as a result of extremely long processes that have been passed down through the generations, such as Grana Padano or Parmigiano Reggiano, famous all over the world, and both manufactured in the area of Mantua, north and south of the river Po, as well as Modena’s renowned Balsamic Vinegar.

Arrival in Mantua. Guided tour of the city, starting from the old town centre, piazza Sordello, featuring the most important historical monuments of the city such as the Ducal Palace, official residence of the Gonzaga family. From time to time, the square hosts special events such as the Mille Miglia and the Nuvolari Grand Prix. The tour continues across the city’s most Premio Nuvolari. Il percorso continua poi, oltre le piazze più antiche, al di lá del Rio, il canale che segnava il limite della città medievale, fino a raggiungere Palazzo Te, la villa suburbana dei Gonzaga. Lungo il tragitto, interessanti alcuni esempi di architettura del 900, e tra questi, la casa dove visse gli ultimi anni Tazio Nuvolari, il cui muro esterno si ancient squares, beyond the Rio, a stream that used to mark the borders of the medieval town, towards Palazzo Te, the summer residence of the Gonzaga. The trip will also feature interesting examples of 20th century architecture, such as Nuvolari’s last residence, where the external walls are designed to imitate the old Nurburgring’s ispira ai vecchi box del Nurburgring, dove Tazio vinse nel 1935. Previa richiesta specifica è possibile effettuare una visita esclusiva a Palazzo Te in orario serale, preceduta da una breve proiezione presso la sala polivalente del palazzo di filmati d’archivio e seguita da cena di gala o buffet, sempre all’interno del palazzo. Pernottamento a Mantova. circuit, the setting of Tazio’s historic victory in 1935. Upon specific request, it is also possible to visit Palazzo Te at night time, following a short screening of archive footage in the function room of the Palace. A buffet or gala dinner in the palace hall will follow. Night stay in Mantua.

In the morning, visitors will be taken on a tour of a local rice mill where the famous Vialone Nano rice is produced. A lunch in a typical Castel d’Ario restaurant will follow, the undisputed birthplace of the “risotto alla mantovana” (a risotto made with Mantuan sausage), as well as the hometown of Tazio Nuvolari. From Castel d’Ario, the tour will continue towards San Benedetto Po, one of Italy’s most beautiful historical villages, to visit the ancient Polirone Abbey, which became famous thanks to the support and patronage of countess Matilda of Canossa. A tour of a local dairy producing Parmigiano Reggiano will then follow, at the end of which visitors will return to Mantua for the night.


Besides its worldwide renowned cathedral, a masterpiece of romanesque architecture, the city of Modena is also famous for being the motorsport capital of Italy,thanks to excellent car manufacturers such as Ferrari and Maserati. Nonetheless, Modena is also home of another ancient speciality: the balsamic vinegar. Visitors will be taken either to the Galleria Ferrari of Maranello or to the Museo del Balsamico Tradizionale di Spilamberto, depending on the agreed daily programme.


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