Naturalistic and historical cycling tour + boat trip.

THE NATURAL RESERVE OF BOSCO FONTANA (cycling tour) (ciclotour)

Visitors will depart from the city and cycle to the natural reserve of Bosco Fontana to visit Gonzaga’s Hunting Palace (see 6th itinerary).
They will then continue on the cycling route connecting Mantua to Peschiera until Maglio di Goito where a suggestive unpaved country road will lead to the river Mincio’s natural reserve, and in particular to the great Rivalta’s Valleys. The tour will feature naturalistic, landscape and historical elements, mainly linked to the old occupations of people living on the river. Upon arrival at Grazie di Curtatone, visitors will be taken on a tour of its unique Sanctuary, closely linked with the surrounding background and full of interesting signs of popular beliefs (such as, for instance, the legend of the crocodile), unique in its kind.
After the tour, lunch break will be free.


MINCIO’S VALLEYS (bicycle and boat)

Visitors will be boarded on a boat just behind the Sanctuary and will be taken back to Mantua on a slow and suggestive boat trip within the lake valleys. Bicycles will
also be boarded. Landmarks: along city and country lakes, the natural reserve of Bosco Fontana and the lowland wood, Gonzaga’s Hunting Palace, Soave and Maglio’s countryside, the secular oak in Sacca and its garden, the river village of Rivalta, Grazie’s Sanctuary, the great Mincio’s Valleys

Details: 30 km (one way, as visitors will be sailing back), mainly on cycling route and at times on low-traffic country roads.